Whether it is a cracked screen or a faulty charging port, broken smartphones are certainly a snag that only a few can avoid. During these situations, there are only two possible options one has in the kitty; either change the cell phone or get it fixed, out of which the latter seems to be the more viable solution most of the time.

However, people often overlook the importance to choose the right and authentic mobile phone repair services sometimes merely to save a few bucks, which later comes with its own share of problems. When looking for mobile phone repair shops, there are two primary options – Authorized service centres and local repair services.

Authorized Service Centre or Local Repair Service? What Should You Prefer?

Authorized Service Centres

An authorized service centre is a setup that the mobile handset manufacturer usually establishes to service mobile phones that come under the manufacturer’s warranty. All mobile handset manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, etc have their own service centers that offer all kinds of repair service. Repairs provided by anyone other than that authorized service provider during the warranty period generally voids the warranty.

Additionally, an authorized service provider also referred to as an authorized service center or partner must adhere to the manufacturer’s standard in order to receive authorization to service on behalf of the manufacturer. By the definition, you can gather that it is the more authentic option, but let’s gather some info about the next alternative before you take a decision.

Local 3rd Party Repair Services

Local third party repair service providers are stores, shops or businesses that render their own brand of repair work along with other services. They aren’t in partnership with the manufacturer and work independently. It is basically a support service that delivers services outside the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). While the quality may or may not adhere to the standards set by the company owned authorized service centre, they are certainly a much cheaper and convenient option.

You can render mobile repairing services from both the service centres but there are obvious differences distinguishing them that you should be aware of.

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Let’s delve into these prominent differentiation to ensure you take a well-informed decision before you give in your precious mobile phone or tablet for repairs.


What is The Difference Between Authorized Service Centres and Local Mobile Repairing Shops

1. Authentic Parts

One of the primary differences between the authorized service centre and local repair service provider is the authenticity of the part to be repaired. Authorized service centres are kind of subsidiaries to the mobile manufacturers and thus, the repair parts available at these centres are originals that are also known as OEM spares.


mobile repairing authorized vs 3rd party service centre


However, with local unauthorized repair service providers, there are possibilities of getting a 1st copy (almost next to original) or 2nd copy (duplicate, low quality parts) as local technicians in most countries do not have access to original OEM parts. This is one of the main reason why a certain set of people are more apprehensive towards local repair shops.

However, sometimes, even with the authenticity and performance in question, many people still opt for 1st copy of spare parts as they are not heavy on the pocket. When compared to the original spare parts, most duplicate spare parts aka copies come at less than half the price.

2. Warranty

With an authorized service centre, you can avail free mobile phone repair services if the product is under warranty. However, if you get your mobile phone repaired from a local third party shop or service centre, then the warranty stands null and void. So if your product is still under a professional warranty period, a wise decision would be to approach an authorized mobile center only. The other advantage is that repairs are totally free during the warranty period.

3. Convenience

One of the main reasons why people choose third party mobile repair shops is because of the convenience it avails. There are mobile repairing shops at every nook and corner where some of them also offer online mobile repairing service through free pickup and drop facilities.

Authorized service centres, on the other hand, may be located at greater distances, making them less accessible. Additionally, authorized centers must follow the processes set up by the management, hence they take longer to repair a handset, thus making local repair centers a more viable option.

Some people prefer authorized services centers while most others avoid them due to high pricing and inconvenience.

4. Pricing

Another factor that makes third party cell phone repair shops more feasible for people is the pricing. Authorized service centres are quite expensive (if not in warranty) along with the aforementioned longer wait to get your mobile fixed. With third party cell phone repair services, however, you get faster repairs through local mechanics at very cost-effective rates.

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There you have it, significant differentiation between the authorized service centers and third party local repair centers. They both have their pros and cons that often confuse people as to which option to choose for their cell phone repair services.

While one guarantees convenience and affordability, the other focuses on rendering high quality and authenticity. Essentially, there is no popularly preferred service centre; people choose the repair services depending on their needs, convenience and financial situations.

Some people prefer authorized service centres while some prefer 3rd party repair services for out of warranty repairs.