Mobile technology is developing at a staggering speed. Hence, every cell phone repair technician should keep himself up to date with new developments in this field. In such times, the internet is the best place to look for information and updates. While in internet, blogs are one of the best friends for knowledge seekers.

There are several cell phone repair blogs that keep themselves updated on these new software and hardware technologies and repair techniques. Thus, for a technician, especially DIY ones, these resources are a gold mine.

So are you looking out for some great blogs on cell phone repair? Here are some of the best mobile repairing blogs that you should follow to keep yourself updated in the field. These blogs will teach you various cell phone repair tips, tutorials and tricks and can help you a lot in learning something new every time you visit them. These blogs along with Youtube and various mobile phone repair forums are the best options for technicians to get hold of training resources.


Best Cell Phone Repair Blogs To Follow

1. is updated from time to time and has a lot of posts on how to repair mobile phones and which tools to use. It explains repairing methods from basics and is one of the best blogs for mobile phone repair beginners.

However, it does not have a good graphical appeal. Nevertheless, this website is well stocked with information. It has information on various tools and techniques that you might need to use while repairing mobile phones.

There is a tutorials section that will teach you the basics of electronics and many other simple procedures that you should know about mobile repairing. The tutorial section is a must read for every beginner in cell phone repair industry. Similarly, it also teaches you about the hardware parts used in phones and several details about each of them.

Other than this, you will also find sections about hardware and software solutions to help you fix your mobile phones. A few tips and tricks are what enable this website to become a blog that you should follow.


2. is a very informative blog which focuses only on cell phone repair. It provides a lot of tips and updates on cell phone repair. But more importantly, it has a lot of relevant content for mobile phone repair technicians. Otherwise, there is a lot of insightful articles about the industry and many others with tips and tricks to make repairing phones even easy.

You will have to browse through multiple pages on the site and find relevant content. But, don’t let that keep you from exploring this amazing site. It has a lot of information that can help you learn a lot about mobile phone repairing.


3. has a lot of information for anyone who is starting out as a mobile phone repair technician or even for someone who has been in the industry for some time. This blog is up to date with a new post or two every week. The site has been organized well and you will find it quite easy to navigate to a post of your choice. The search bar helps speed things up.

Unfortunately, the blog concentrates mostly on iPhone repairs and fixes and not Android phones. The reviews extend beyond the mobile phone realm and nested into various electronic devices like gaming mice, computer monitors or even other kinds of hardware. Some of the electronic repair tools have also been reviewed that you might need during your repair work.

There are also a few basic tutorials that might help you get started. The best part about this blog is that you can ask the admin any question you want, and you will get a reply within a few days.

Overall, this is a website that anyone in the mobile phone repair industry should follow to keep oneself updated for especially apple products.


4. Prizm Institute’s Blog

Prizm Institute’s blog has various articles providing tips and guides on mobile phone repair.

Prizm institute is a technical institute based in Mumbai, India offering courses in mobile phone repair, electronics repair, laptop repair and computer repair. This blog is also one of the best ones out there for mobile phone repair technicians.

While most blogs deal with highly technical repair solutions, this blog is great for staying up to date with the industry. It also has a variety of great business ideas for entrepreneurs looking to start in this field.

All the articles on Prizm Institute’s blog are great reads and can give you an insight into the mobile repair industry and everything new about it. There are also several articles that can help students choose an alternative career contrary to what they are already studying.


5. iMend’s Blog

iMends blog on iMend’s website is a great one to follow for technical and non-technical people alike. There are a lot of posts on a variety of topics throughout this mobile repairing blog. They range from reviews, tips and tricks and lot of solutions too.

There are a lot of listicles that make for interesting reads. The articles have been put in a very neat format and are thus very easy to browse through. Moreover, some of the tutorials have videos and step by step pictures to assist you through the repair.

Almost all the articles other than some promotional articles have good coverage across all platforms of mobile phones and thus this is a great blog to follow.


6. Wirelesssolutionsny’s Blog

Wirelesssolutionsny’s blog is another blog centered around a mobile repairing service and thus is one of the best resources you can find. It is frequently updated (about once every ten days) with new content about mobile phone repair.

The blog contains lots of posts on almost every popular smartphone choice i.e iOS and Android. All the content is centered around mobile phone problems that you might face and how to fix them.

You will be able to learn quite a lot about how to repair the problems that the smartphones are facing nowadays. At the end of the day, it is a great resource for budding mobile phone repair technicians or even DIY technicians.



As you can see, the internet has a lot to offer to people in the cell phone repair industry. Whether you are a professional or just an amateur with an interest in the field, you could learn a lot from these mobile repairing blogs. So, don’t wait around too long; click one of the links and give them a read.

Staying updated in the field of technology is one of the biggest advantages you can have. Doing so will help you attract more customers and in turn earn a bit more.

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