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Is Nokia making a Nokia Android mobile phone? If yes when? Read further to know the relation between Nokia and Android! Every Nokia fan today wants to know why Nokia is not making and Android mobile phone or when will Nokia make a smartphone with android OS?
First of all, let me tell you that according to the latest leaks, Nokia is developing an android and will very well launch it soon. The name given to it is Android Normandy.  The codename given to it is Nokia X and it may launch in May 2014 if all goes well.


There may be many reasons behind Nokia not launching it up to now. Some of the reasons for Nokia not using the Android platform are explained.


why is nokia not making android


Reasons for Nokia not making an android mobile phone:

  1. Nokia bought by Microsoft: Nokia was bought by Microsoft, the maker of Windows OS in the year 2013. So Microsoft will want to promote its own OS rather than using a competitor’s OS. Why would the windows OS maker use a competitors operating system.
  2. Nokia had its own OS: Nokia was using its own operating system i.e Symbian which flopped with time. Agreed, it was a hit till 2010, but with time it lost its colour. It was hated by the developers due to apps which they had to make for different models due to incompatibility. Nokia used many versions of symbian OS like symbian Belle, Anna, etc but failed miserably. Later Nokia launched handsets with Asha OS which still didn’t succeed. Nokia was too much dependent on Symbian and failed to develop a successful OS.
  3. Migrating to Windows: Before the buyout of Nokia by Microsoft Nokia had preferred using windows OS and therefore made an agreement with Microsoft. Nokia had expected compete using its good image and brand name. Also with people not preferring Window operating System, the fortunes of Nokia also faded. Nokia, till recently also had never thought of at least trying to make a handset or two android as a trial.
  4. Partnership with Microsoft: There was a business partnership contract signed between Nokia and Microsoft that may be restricting Nokia from using Android earlier. Microsoft had invested a huge amount in Nokia for promoting its own platform.
  5. People preferring Android or iOS: All smartphone users either shifted to Android or Apple’s iOS. Nokia had a great fan following in the developing and under-developed markets, which gradually shrunk with the increasing number of people upgrading their phones to smartphones. Had, windows succeeded, the sales of Nokia handsets would have increased and Nokia would have held its position amongst the top manufacturers.


There are many more reasons other than the ones mentioned above. One more was the increasing number of people buying cheap Chinese handsets with Android which are still cheaper than many Nokias with Asha platform.

At one time Nokia was the No. 1 handset manufacturer in terms of sales. All Nokia fans are now waiting for the launch of Nokia Normandy which is sure to give its segment competitors a run for their money!

Note: The above article is for information purpose only. This is our view according to the information we have. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the above information and therefore we request you to clarify with official sources from Nokia and Microsoft. Sorry, at Microsoft only, as Nokia has been sold out!