cell phone secret codes


A security code is provided by the handset manufacturer for the security of your mobile phone. The security code will always remain the default until you change or edit it. You can use it for safety or privacy purposes i.e is to avoid a stranger to access your data inside. If you activate it in the security settings, the phone will ask for it to access the menu or other functions. You will also need it if you want to reset the phone to its original factory settings. It will also be required if you want to make any changes in the security settings.


If any of the default code for a particular brand of cell phone displays an error like ‘wrong code’ or ‘code error’, it will mean that the code has been changed by its owner or the user or even someone else.


It is therefore advisable to change the security code for safety. And if you change the security code, you should always remember and never forget it. If you forget and put the wrong security code when asked, the handset will not accept it. And if you are getting the message of a wrong code inserted, it means the default code has been changed to some other code.


The security code of every handset will always be the default until you change it.


Below Is the list of default security codes of major brands of cell phones:


Samsung: 0000 (4 times zero) / 00 00 00 (6 times zero) / 00 00 00 00 (8 times zero)

Nokia: 12345

All other brands of cell phones ( Sony, Motorola, LG, Panasonic, etc): 0000 / 1234 / 9999

Chinese brands: 1122 / 0000 / 1234

Lava: 4321


Note: iPhone and blackberry do not have default codes. They function only when you enter a specific code in security settings.


If the default codes are not working, you will have to reset them through special software which is different for different brands of cell phones. The other option is you can format the handsets through hard-reset methods.


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