cell phone using etiquettes

Mobile phones or cell phones were invented for the benefit of mankind. The phone industry wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of this great invention, but at the same time it also expects us to use the same in a much responsible and proper manner. Like all things in life have a particular set of etiquettes, it is expected to follow these etiquettes while using cell phones.


Some Of The Manners And Etiquettes Of Using Cell Phones Are:

  1. Speak softly: Always speak softly on your cellphone so as not to disturb and distract others. Remember that the person on the other side of the line can hear you even if you speak in a soft voice.
  2. When in doubt, always go out of the room/hall : If you think that the person on the other side is unable to hear you or the voice is low enough to be heard or your speaking may disturb the people around you, then it is better that you leave the  room or hall and make or receive the call. You can also use features in your handset such as text messaging, whatsapp, answering services, call diversion and vibration alert, etc to receive important calls without disturbing others.
  3. If you can’t turn it off, keep it on silent mode: If you are at a place or an important meeting which requires you to keep your mobile switched off and you may be expecting a very important call then it is advisable as well as proper manner that you keep your cell phone in silent mode or vibration alert mode . Always bear in mind that it is the ringtone of a mobile phone which annoys and irritates people the most.
  4. When required turn your phone off and also check if it’s off: Some establishments and institutions have clear and strict instructions to keep you mobile switched off. It is highly advised that you obey and respect the instructions of these institutions. Turn off your handset and also recheck and reconfirm before you enter the venue.
  5. Keep your conversations private: Making and receiving calls in busy places is fine but you should keep your voice low because people’s sense of personal space varies as per the situation. Do not talk in confined spaces like elevators (lift) or on a train which may disturb other people around you. If it is an emergency then it is best that you keep your voice low.
  6. Do not use the phone when you are driving: Remember it is a strict no no to use your mobile while you are driving or riding a motorcycle. No matter how much expert you are or you may be having total control of the vehicle that you are riding or driving, you have the risk of damage to life and property of yourself as well as others so do not ever take a risk. It is also a criminal offence if you are caught using your mobile phone while driving. A split second of distraction can cause irrevocable damage to life or/and property of you and others. So abstain from this and follow the rule of the land.
  7. Always switch off your mobile in a place of worship: People go to places of worship for peace of mind, they need concentration so at the slightest noise they are bound to be distracted. It is very important that you respect other people’s devotion for this you must always strive that the people around you are not troubled by you as well as your doings, so it is best that you always switch off your mobile BEFORE you enter any place of worship.
  8. Do not use a disturbing ringtone: Many people tend to set a ringtone which they think will attract the attention of all those around. But always we have to keep in mind that the ringtone should not be an irritating one.
  9. Keep it in your pocket unless needed: It is better to keep your handset only in your pocket unless you are using. It’s not that keeping it in your hand means you are flaunting, but it’s just that it’s against the ethics.


And one more is the most important especially for the new younger generation! Please see below.

etiquettes of using cell phones