cell phone faults repair


A cell phone can get various faults and problems when using it.  So cell phone repair technicians should know what are all the faults they have to repair and fix when they open a repair center.They should know how to diagnose and troubleshoot them easily.


Basically there are 3 types of faults in cell phones

  1. Settings Faults
  2. Software Faults
  3. Hardware Faults



The list of all faults in cell phone are:


1. Dead: If a phone doesn’t switch-on, it is called a dead phone.


2. Insert Sim Card: In this fault, the SIM card does not get detected.


3. Hanging Problem: In this fault, the handset freezes frequently.


4. Network Problem: No signal and network or low network


5. Microphone Problem: No out-going sound.


6. Ringer Problem: No ring tone, music and loud speaker will not work.


7. Speaker Problem: No incoming sound.


8. Vibrator Problem: No vibration.


9. Display Problem: No graphics on LCD or broken LCD.


10. Auto Switch Off: Phone switches off automatically even if not switched-off.


11. Restart Problem: Phone restarts automatically.


12. Call Cut Off: Call gets disconnected or cuts off.


13. Charging Problem: No charging or very slow charging.


14. Keypad Problem: Keypad doesn’t work or some keys do not function. Home button or volume buttons do not work.


15: Touch Problem: Touch doesn’t work or slow touch.


16. Battery Discharge Problem: Battery gets drained very fast even when fully charged.


17. Bluetooth  Problem: Bluetooth does not work.


18. Camera  Problem: Camera does not work.


19. FM Radio: Radio does not work or no tuning.


20. LED Problem: Not light on LCD.


21.  Memory Card Problem: MMC does not get detected.


22. No Internet


23 WiFi Problem: WiFi does not function



These are the most common faults that arise in cell phones as well as smartphones and tablets. Sometimes unlocking is required if your device is locked. There are many more strange problems other than the ones mentioned above. Some of these are easy to repair while others are difficult and sometimes are beyond repair.


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