cell phone switch off automatically


Learn how to repair your cell phone if it is switching off automatically without any reason. It means that your handset is going off unnecessarily without you pressing the power button. This problem can be a software related issue or sometimes a hardware related issue also. You may not know directly where the problem is until you start repairing it following the step by step procedure. The steps to fix it will be almost the same for all gadgets like cellular phones and tablets including iphone and ipads.


The Common Reasons Of Cell Phones Switching Off Automatically Are:


  • Improper connection of the battery.
  • Your device may be infected by virus.
  • The software also called the operating system (OS) is corrupt.
  • There is dust and/or moisture settled on the circuit board inside creating disturbance.
  • Failure of some hardware components like resistors, capacitors or ICs.


These are some of the most common reasons for the handset turning off or shutting off. There may be still many other unknown reasons like a faulty CPU or a faulty circuit board itself. So how do we repair it? It’s very easy if you just follow the simple procedure step by step.


Troubleshooting Procedure To Repair Auto Switch-Off Fault


  1. Check Battery Connection: Check whether the battery is properly connecting to the battery jack. Also clean the 3 or 4 golden colour points(its terminals) on the battery. If the battery jack has become loose, you will have to solder it properly. If the problem is solved, you may think that the entire problem was due to some loose connection.
  2. Reset The Settings: Although the chances of solving the fault with this step are very slim, you can still give it a try. You can reset the phones settings by going to the settings menu and select the option which reads like ‘reset settings’ or ‘restore settings’ or ‘factory reset’ simply ‘reset’. If you still do not know how to do a factory reset, please read our article on how to reset a cell phone.
  3. Format The Handset: Take a backup of all your data and format the handset. Format the MMC as well. If the problem is solved, you may consider that the reason for the problem was VIRUS INFECTION in the software
  4. Flash The Device: Now you can try flashing the phone. Flashing is the process of reinstalling the operating system of the gadget. You will need special flasher software and/or flasher box to go about it. If you know how to do it. You can very well do it yourself! You can also learn how to flash a mobile phone by reading our flashing tutorial, if are not aware of how to do it.
  5. Service The Phone: Servicing means cleaning the entire phone. Please see all the instructions of how to service a cell phone before doing it. You have to just dismantle the entire gadget and clean the PCB with spirit or alcohol. Just be careful that the PCB is dried before switching on the phone. You must note that if the handset gets repaired with this step, then the problem was because of the moisture and/or dust.
  6. Heat The PCB: Heat the PCB moderately and carefully as well. Do not do this, if you don’t know how to do it. And also do it at your own risk! If some of the components like resistors, capacitors, power supply IC, etc have become loose or lost some of the BGA connections below, this problem may arise. So if this was the problem, it should be repaired by now.
  7. Advance Troubleshooting: Now you will have to refer to schematic diagrams and check all the power section connections as well as the parts/components in the power section. It is a very time consuming process, but still if you know, you can give it a try!




If your problem is solved, it’s great. If not, consider all electronic devices come with an expiry date. They also come to a stage where they become ir-repairable. This stage is called ‘beyond repair’ in technical language. If you are unsuccessful, you can also otherwise give your handset to a profession repair center. The above procedure is for all cell phones and smartphones be it an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, a Nokia, an LG, A Sony or a Chinese one! I am repeating this statement to tell you that all phones have same procedure to repair and fix them. Please tell us your feedback and problems in the comments below.