cell phone virus protection

What is a mobile phone virus?


A mobile phone virus is very similar to a computer virus. You all know what a computer does and what those viruses are capable of. A mobile phone virus is specially designed to prevent their proper functioning and it spreads from one vulnerable cell phone to another very fast.


Viruses now are quite advanced than the initial periods of their history in cell phones. They can corrupt your important data or simply erase it, if it has infected your phone. The latest viruses are capable of sending fake messages or even spreading by itself through the mode of Bluetooth and WiFi. The current security risk has increased to a considerable level than it used to be many years back.


Today many smart phones are in use, and users of these phones are regularly exchanging executable or other vulnerable files increasing the risk of being infected. The cellular industry takes the threat of viruses very seriously and is continually monitoring its networks and working to protect users from any future risk from new viruses. Most smartphones like iphones and Samsung Galaxy series handsets may have advanced security features, but still it is better to take precautions!


Common Sources Of Viruses:

  • Bluetooth
  • MMC Card
  • Internet


How to protect your phone from viruses:

  1. Keep bluetooth switched off: Always keep your bluetooth switched-off unless required. Or it is preferable to keep your handset to hidden mode unless you need it to be visible.
  2. Do not open unknown messages or files: By chance you have forgotten to switch-off your bluetooth, remember not to open any bluetooth messages or files sent by a stranger or an unknown source. They are most likely viruses.
  3. Download content from trusted sources and websites only: Trusted sources include operator portals and other well-known websites that offer adequate protection against viruses.
  4. Install anti-virus: Always install an anti-virus software in your phone. Do not forget to keep it updated as new viruses and threats always arise. Always install trusted and well known anti virus programs for better results.
  5. Be careful of MMC: Never lend your memory card to anyone. It might get infected if the person to whom you have lent your MMC has an infected phone and he/she inserts your card in his phone. Also remember not to insert someone else’s MMC in your handset since there are chances of his MMC containing a virus or malware.


These are the steps which can secure your cell phone against virus and other ‘badware’. And if in case your device gets infected, you will have to scan it with antivirus or format it. Learn how to format a cell phone by reading our guide on how to format a cell phone.

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