increase cell phone battery life

As we all know that a battery is the heart of an electronic gadget. Without a battery an electronic gadget does not work and we all get frustrated when it gets drained! We all can charge the battery but what we do not know is how to make the battery last long so that our valuable possession works troublefree thus saving us time as well as money. This article will not make your battery’s charge last longer, it will just teach you how to increase the life of your cell phone battery i.e increase its shelf life. If you want to know how to retain the charge for a longer time, then please read How to make your cell phone battery charge last longer.


Mentioned below are some Do’s and Dont’s for prolonging the life of your mobile phone battery.

  1. Do not charge your battery often: Instead of charging every now and then, make sure that you plugin the charger to your handset only when the battery indicator shows 5 to 10 percent charge is left. Reason for this is that there is a certain period of life of battery which could be about 400 to 500 charging cycles (1 cycle is 0 to 100% of charging) is as an average and frequent charging may cause to using  up this options.
  2.  Charge it before it gets drained completely: Do make sure that you always make it a point that you charge your cell phone before the battery dies off completely because this is bound to strain the life of the battery. As it is mentioned above , always make sure to plug in the charger when there is 5 to 10% charge left in the cell phone . By doing this you are increasing the life of your battery from 12 to 18 months.
  3. Do not directly plug in your handset into a car charger: By doing this you may damage the charging point, battery or the entire handset badly, instead it is recommended that you use a converter for charging your phone.
  4. Close unwanted services: Some services or programs which are not essential should be turned off say for instance sync data , GPS , Bluetooth, WiFi, notifications, etc which use up power and which can be done without with will surely prolong your battery life.
  5. Do turn off your handset when not in use: While you are driving or before you go to sleep, its better to switch off your handset or you can turn on the ‘airplane mode’ profile.


It is very much important to remember that in talking mode more power is used up whereas in standby mode less power is consumed.


Note: Other than all the tips mentioned above, all those apps and services, specially the online ones consume power, so it is recommended to close them when not needed.