how to clean a cell phone


All electronic gadgets whether used indoors or outdoors are susceptible to dust, dirt grime etc. Atleast at some point they are handled roughly by you or by somebody else to whom you may have lent it to use even for a couple of minutes. Considering your phone here which is one of your inseparable companions, it is necessary that you keep it clean so that the phone functions perfectly. are hereby giving you some very easy and feasible tips on how to keep your phone clean and in good shape so that it stays in top form with optimum performance. Before you start cleaning and servicing the handset, be it a phone or a tablet, it is better that you switch it off and much more advisable if you remove the battery from the handset. Although it is difficult to remove the battery in iphones and many Nokia Lumias, you can remove it in other smartphones like Samsung Galaxys.


Follow the steps below to clean your cell phone:


1.  Take a clean and soft cotton cloth which does not leave any lint while rubbing. Moisten it with water and gently rub it over the handset in a sweeping manner in such away that you work more on the spots where you see smudges or dirt and wipe. Clean it such that you remove all marks, stains and free it from any dirt or dust. There are also special cleaning solutions for gadgets which you can use for this purpose.


2.  After cleaning the body work your way to the screen but be utmost careful not to press hard on the screen as it can possibly damage your display screen.


3.  In ‘hard to reach places’ it is wiser you use soft paint brush and gently clean niches, mainly the area around the battery compartment as well as the SIM card slots.


4.  Professionals also clean with IPA solution which is available at all mobile spare parts and tools stores.


Note: The cleaning liquid you use should be tested and made for cleaning gadgets only. Some of the harsh cleaners can erode the casing, so you have to be careful.