android phone data backup


The importance of backing up data of your android smartphone will be realized only when you lose your data or the phone itself. It is therefore not just important but necessary to take up a backup of all the data that is important for you. You should not trust the data that is stored in a digital form in a single source or place only. Your smartphone or tablet can get lost, stolen, water damaged or simply becomes dead and unwilling to get repaired!


The data most crucial for taking a backup is:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Apps data and much more!


Backup Methods


1. Google Sync

This is one of the best methods for backing up data on your Android. There are options for backing up various things which you want like Gmail, contacts, calendar, etc. For using this service, simply go to settings > Accounts > Google > Select Your Account. Now select whatever you want to sync.


2. Backup & Reset Option
Alternatively you can go to the backup and reset option in the settings menu. This option is useful, if you want to take a backup of your contacts and messages. Here there is option for taking a backup of your data to the MMC card or cloud. Still this does not cover backup of your pictures and videos.

backup and reset option android


3. Take a manual backup
Simply connect your phone to a PC with a USB data cable and manually copy and paste all your important photos and videos in a separate folder. This is the oldest traditional way still used by many users!


4. Apps
The best option is to visit the play store and search for good backup apps. Let the apps do it and simplify your work. Simply visit and type backup. Now read reviews of the apps given and try the apps yourself.


I would recommend the below 2 apps for backup:

Super Backup

Easy Backup


Note: It is always recommended to take a backup regularly either every month or every 6 months depending on your whims. It is better to do this before you repent!


Please let us know your suggestions in the comments below.