At, you will get all GSM cell phone repair tips and tricks including repair solutions, jumper diagrams as well as the method to hard reset various cellular and smartphones. Here you will get all the tips to repair and fix all handsets of Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, HTC, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. Also you will get all solutions for Chinese handsets like Micromax, Maxx, Lava, Karbonn, Celkon, etc. All unbranded China phones of other manufacturers like Leephone, IBall, GFive, etc are also covered here.

On this blog, you will get all repair tips from dismantling of various mobile phones and tablets, identifying its parts and checking of parts to troubleshooting of all faults that occur in them. It is very easy to understand all these topics if you follow and read all the articles that are published from time to time.

 gsm repair tips and tricks

Before going further, we would like to tell you it is easy to repair all types of gadgets if you know the procedure and troubleshooting steps to repair the problems that come in handsets frequently. You can also get all the required knowledge at, which is the world’s biggest forum of all mobile phone repair technicians. While there are many more forums which you can search on google, this one is the best among them. So you should make a habit of visiting repair forums daily to increase your knowledge and getting to know the various updates in the industry.

 cell phone repair tricks

Tips & Tricks You Should Know To Repair Cell Phones:

  • Dismantling and assembling of all types of handsets.
  • Identify the various parts of devices.
  • Check various spare parts.
  • Understanding of hardware and software faults.
  • Troubleshooting steps to repair various faults.
  • Flashing and formatting of all GSM phones.


If you know to do the above things easily, you can repair and fix all phones easily until it goes ‘beyond repair’. Beyond repair means your handset becomes impossible to repair. But if you do not know to do the above things, you may get stuck and may not be able to do repairs easily.